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Cool stuff. Nice story. I can't wait to see its full version.

I love this game more than I can express. Lately, because of quarantine, I've been developing a tabletop RPG similar to Dungeons and Dragons where you play as a rodent, and this game has exactly the vibe I'm looking to create with it. The swiss army knife god weapon, the eloquent clothed mice fighting rat thugs in a sewer, and the high-tier boss being an exterminator are all so perfect. Awesome job.

Pleasantly surprised!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out me vid (the game is the 2d there):


1. The game is EPIC! I was mind blown at the end. I didn't expect any of this and was amazed by the game! Such a great job!

2. Artstyle is top hole! The game feels like a saga - mice wearing medieval looking clothes (or not wearing any)

3. The battles are exceptional! Very entertaining. I like that you added animation to the battle. Characters are always moving and it is so nice to look at!


1. When you give a character full set of clothes - the others seem naked. It strange that Lance wore clothes while Verm was going everywhere tits first (kinda funny).

2. I wish there would be more interactable objects from which you can get some lore on the universe. I hope the full version of the game will come out and will have that!


Enjoyed the experience a lot! Had heeby jeebies all over me at the end. Such a great game. When will the full version be out? I can't wait for it! That is a strong 5/5! Great job! I am so impressed!

Hope my feedback was useful!

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... I freaking loved it


Dude I love this!! Super rad!!


Super, super game! The idea is so unique and so well made! I recorded my playthrough (linked in case anyone is interested) and really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the final product!

Hi! i'm a fan of your work and because of this i would know if in the future, will this game comes on Steam

This is incredibly creative. It's such a strange blend of fantasy and realism. Making the regular seem like fantasy by naming things god items and a supermarket 'heaven' is fantastic. Super looking forward to the actual game!

Featuring Small Saga. Keep it up !
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We loved our play-through of Small Saga, so much so it would have been rude not to put it in writing. We were honored to have this available to try for our latest blog piece..

OMG! That was fantastic!! I cannot wait to play the full game!

That demo was awesome ! A really cool project, just saw that the kickstarter went well so good job to the team :) 

Your game is AWESOME!!!! I can't wait to see more!! I love the animations and the story was badass. Keep up the good work. My only complaint is the screen is a bit small.

Very cool... but, how do mice know what horses look like?

Amazing app!!! Please implement gamepad support... that is all. ^^

Thank Twitter algorithm for recommending one of your latest tweets ;) I just now learned of your new project and am following it. Hope the development goes smoothly for you, and keep up the good work!

THIS IS AMAZING!!! I cannot WAIT to see the full game! I 100000% would pay good money for the full game!!

love this.  Sad I missed the KS.  Would totally have backed it.


Ah!! I was fully prepared to donate to your kickstarter, turns out I found this gem just a little too late!! AMAZING work!! I can't wait to see the final game!

Omg! Amazing game! I played the demo and I'm so sad its over... I really hope you keep up the amazing work! so.. good.. can't wait for more!

I like this game!

This game is so good, I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait for more updates to come out! 

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HOLY COW this came is awesome, love the fire emblem esk battle sequences, love the music love the story, best demo ive seen in a long long time!!!  and i adore the cute graphics and simple easy to use menu!! will be looking forward to its release!

AAAAAAAA! This game is AMAZING and it's only in the demo stages! I really cared for the two brothers and I felt for them in that one scene towards the end (Can't spoil in the comments lol) It was fun to play and especially fun to watch the cutscenes. I hope this is turned into a full fledged game.

Super impressive! Can't wait for the finished game; I'll definitely play it on my youtube channel!

Nice Game ! 

Gameplay Video 

This is fantasti

I remember Aviary Attorney fondly, looking forward to this too, looks rad!




How can you not love mice with pocket knives? How else you gonna cut the cheese!? This is really one of the cutest and most heartfelt rpgs I've played in a long time.

this looks fantastic! i don't think i'll be able to donate in time for the kickstarter, but if you take donations at some point in the future, i'll be able to contribute then. best of luck to you!

"It was too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron."

I love it! keep it up!


Hi, you can build app for linux?

Hell yeah! It's funny, it's beautiful and looks like lore is going to be interesting. Instant "shut up and take my money"
One day I'll be able to make something as cool as this... just like Blademaster Jeremy...

Wow!  Amazing.  5 stars!

Love the artwork, music and sfx are nice, cheese puns are nice. However, the arrow keys to move around an isometric environment feel clunky. Keep at it and you've got an amazing game on your hands!

very great game lad


An emotional tale about mice and "gods", revenge and all that good stuff? SOLD! And only 9 days left to back on Kickstarter (as of this comment)... Have you posted this on Reddit as well as on Imgur? I really want this game to be made!!

This game is amazing. The artwork and music are top notch. Loved the opening city shot. The music is appropriate and used really well. The animation is great. I love the details in both the animation and artwork. The mechanics are solid. I hope they get a little more complex though. Only thing I really wished for was a dash key. The story is simple yet very effective. The tension in heaven and the trap sequence were better than anything I've seen in any game, indie or AAA in a long time. I was yelling out loud to cheer on Lance and Verm. Beautiful work. Top notch. Can't wait to see more.

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