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OOF THIS IS BRUTAL. this made my damn heart hurt. can't wait for the full version!!

The mice with VENGEANCE!

Deleted 1 year ago

The full game is gonna be so coool

Would you be opposed to posting the OST on YouTube? The Demo OST I mean. And if you don't want to would you dislike it if someone else did?

Good question. I'll try to make some time to upload it myself in the next few weeks.

Here we go!

This is so cool


can't wait for the full release of this RPG!

wow this is perfect i need it

AYO its 2021 realease the full game plz


Alright, just a sec.

But really though, I'm still on-track for a release this year.

are you still on track


One of my favorite game

i hate the yellow  god!!! grrr btw suuupeeeer amazing game! i'll wait for the full game! :) <3

amaziiiing! but lance.... :'''(

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Amazing demo! Great characters that I really felt I cared about. Art style and animation are top notch. I am eagerly looking forward to the full release of this game. You really need to get a placeholder on Steam so I can add it to my wishlist (so I don't forget about it). 

Deleted 1 year ago

I loved it! Especially the boss fight, I love how it was so incorporated into the story and didn't feel like a 'ohh we need a boss here' thing. Can't wait to try the full game!

aw this is sick as hell. the worldbuilding, the characters and their design, all of it is amazing. it really gives me mouse guard vibes too.

Excuse me, I downloaded the soundtrack, and there's an extra song in here... "Hunting Tigers," which i only assume is the fight against the cat. But like... is it supposed to be in here? cuz we don't fight the cat. Or maybe it's just a little teaser....


I REALLY like this kind of game, and the theme is great! I just want to point out one thing i found quite funny; Everyone are wearing clothes, in fact you establish in the first few seconds that mice know about and wear clothes, all covering clothes, and every character we meet wear some kind of clothes that cover up their private area, even the boss that is almost entirely naked wears a loin-cloth.. so you've established that mice/rat/mole-society thinks it is proper to wear clothes that cover their private parts... all except Verm.. wich means that the protagonist feels, unlike EVERYONE ELSE, no shame what-so-ever in running around butt-naked! xD

I've played this back in the beginning of the year and I keep coming back to the game enamored by the worldbuilding you've given us in this demo.

absolute pogchamp of a game


This game is mad gorgeous!  

Can you please add a mobile control option with a virtual joypad and two buttons for x and z?

Hi! Can i ask you if the game will be released on Steam?

It will! Steam and, most likely.

Awesome! Thanks! I can't wait to see this incredible game complete


I made a YouTube video on this game.

This is so well done! The story, the animations, the characters, the atmosphere and suspense, the music, the sounds - just great!



This is the best thing I've seen on nay - the best game I've seen in a long while.
The writing was excellent and immersive. The art? Just *chef's kiss*

same but vorgy still exists 


Also, did anyone find the thimble?? I'm sure I'm not the first person to have found it, but I'm interested to see how many people found its clever spot.

I found it and am still trying fruitlessly to save the big mouse (frick I forgot his name)

This is amazingly fun! And the music is EXTREMELY immersive! Love it all!

Cool stuff. Nice story. I can't wait to see its full version.

I love this game more than I can express. Lately, because of quarantine, I've been developing a tabletop RPG similar to Dungeons and Dragons where you play as a rodent, and this game has exactly the vibe I'm looking to create with it. The swiss army knife god weapon, the eloquent clothed mice fighting rat thugs in a sewer, and the high-tier boss being an exterminator are all so perfect. Awesome job.

Pleasantly surprised!

Pros and cons are down below) Check out me vid (the game is the 2d there):


1. The game is EPIC! I was mind blown at the end. I didn't expect any of this and was amazed by the game! Such a great job!

2. Artstyle is top hole! The game feels like a saga - mice wearing medieval looking clothes (or not wearing any)

3. The battles are exceptional! Very entertaining. I like that you added animation to the battle. Characters are always moving and it is so nice to look at!


1. When you give a character full set of clothes - the others seem naked. It strange that Lance wore clothes while Verm was going everywhere tits first (kinda funny).

2. I wish there would be more interactable objects from which you can get some lore on the universe. I hope the full version of the game will come out and will have that!


Enjoyed the experience a lot! Had heeby jeebies all over me at the end. Such a great game. When will the full version be out? I can't wait for it! That is a strong 5/5! Great job! I am so impressed!

Hope my feedback was useful!

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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn... I freaking loved it


Dude I love this!! Super rad!!

Deleted post

Hi! i'm a fan of your work and because of this i would know if in the future, will this game comes on Steam

This is incredibly creative. It's such a strange blend of fantasy and realism. Making the regular seem like fantasy by naming things god items and a supermarket 'heaven' is fantastic. Super looking forward to the actual game!

Featuring Small Saga. Keep it up !
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We loved our play-through of Small Saga, so much so it would have been rude not to put it in writing. We were honored to have this available to try for our latest blog piece..

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