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Godhand, Black Swordsman, and a heap of raw iron. I like the Berserk allusions. Kentarou Miura, RIP.

I've had this on my Steam wishlist for quite a while, but never got around to playing the demo! I absolutely love any media that has a small character, in a large human world (I.E Bug Fables, Supraland, Tales of Despereaux). You can just do so many cool things with it, and this game NAILS that feeling for me! Turning mundane human locations into sprawling dungeons or important areas is such a neat idea, and I love the lore that the game establishes so far. Definitely cannot wait for the full release of this, do yourself a favor and play the demo. Massive props to the developer!

Ok. Good work. I like it.

Paolo Fassin (





Best of luck with the development, looks awesome


I love this so much keep up the awesome work!


its 2022...


Turns out, RPGs take a long time to develop. Nobody warned me.


oh ok! i have no experience with making a game but good luck, i cant wait for the full game!


(i wonder what 2+ years of coding looks like)

No. Development has unfortunately not yet begun. Even worse, right? 2-10-2022.

Paolo Fassin (


OMG I'm excited for this game! The art and atmosphere are incredible, I'm already deeply invested in the characters and curious about the worldbuilding, and even though I'm not exactly a videogames person (I follow Kofi Young's blog, haha) I could not only work the gameplay mechanics, but start figuring out little strategies--I feel energetic and powerful.

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uwoah rats n' mice

Muito perfeito <3

perfect cant wait to play the rest 

has the full version come out yet and will be on itch io and free or some where else


solid feels. Nicely done

u h

I'm stuck lol

there are 2 pipes there pick the left one


Oh no I mean I’m stuck at the candle lol not the area


I went into this thinking it would be a cute, sort-of fantasy rpg with adorable mice. 

I just finished the demo and am now traumatized for life, thank you very much. 

(In a good way, this is a really cool demo and I can't wait for the full version)

Dang, this is great. I love the art style. The soundtrack/effects are huge and wonderful. Can't wait for the full release.


I find it funny how you can lose to Sava and still "win"

Wait, how is it that you're the first person to spot this bug? How did I miss this?

It wasn’t intentional, I just screwed up and then I was like “wait what” lol


I remember seeing this like 2 or so years ago and just remembering it today as "rat rpg" and i spent like 10 minutes trying to find this "rat rpg" that I remembered. Google searching things like "rat rpg" "rat rpg protagonist" "rat rpg with rats as main characters" "rat rpg where rats go to a groccery store", searching itchio for "rat rpg", "mouse rpg", and eventually searching "little mouse rpg" and finding it.  (And yes, those are all google searches I made.)

The grocery store(?) scene stuck out in my memory. How the game suddenly became a horror game. How the whole world was suddenly too big. I don't remember it well - as I said, 2 years ago I found this game in a random youtube video.

Thank you for making such an interesting and compelling game and setting.

Thanks! Those search terms are wonderful.

legit so amazing!! looking forward to the full release!!

Game looks good, the combat style reminds me of Beyond the Beyond.

Nice! Great looking art and interesting ending to the demo. Looking forward to seeing the full game.

Lemme tell you I played this a while back and I am HYPED for a full release

This game so perfect!  I hope the full version comes out soon and I can play. Thank you for this experience <3

This game is SUPER AMAZING! The Art-style was so cool and beautiful my eyes feel like at heaven. Another great thing about this "demo" is the  soundtrack. It really improves the scene and they are banging. The humans are super terrifying and that cliffhanger was *muah* perfect. Cant wait for the full release!


Damn, i really wish we got some insight on why you have the things that you have at the ending. otherwise pretty dope

LOVED IT....I want more T_T






OOF THIS IS BRUTAL. this made my damn heart hurt. can't wait for the full version!!

The mice with VENGEANCE!

Deleted 2 years ago

The full game is gonna be so coool

Would you be opposed to posting the OST on YouTube? The Demo OST I mean. And if you don't want to would you dislike it if someone else did?

Good question. I'll try to make some time to upload it myself in the next few weeks.

Here we go!

This is so cool


can't wait for the full release of this RPG!

wow this is perfect i need it

AYO its 2021 realease the full game plz


Alright, just a sec.

But really though, I'm still on-track for a release this year.

are you still on track


One of my favorite game

i hate the yellow  god!!! grrr btw suuupeeeer amazing game! i'll wait for the full game! :) <3

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