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That was amazing. I loved the way you really get the scope right in the graphics. The characters, are already amazing, even with the short time we get to spend with them. The scene with Lance really got to me, well done. I'll be a supporter of this game for sure.

I'm buying this the first day it gets released.

Well, this was all manners of incredible. I love how something stands out in pretty much all aspects — dynamic changes in music (and three different motifs for the rats), the subtle nods to various RPGs (Final Fantasy, Shining Force, what else?), creative use of traditional mechanics, crispy pixel fonts, deep sound effects, witty writing, the birth of sacred out of mundane (thank you for rewarding my rebellious itch with that helmet), how even the passing detail of wall scribbles tells a foreboding story (gotta give Stilton credit, his Cool S also made me giggle)... Not even mentioning the overall aesthetic of mice battling it out for their lives against the divine. Unavoidably reminds me of Brian Jacques' Redwall and David Petersen's Mouse Guard—some things this world has nearly not enough appreciation for.

This small thing is no little. I am happy to discover this and wish you the best of success on this journey!

wow this is awesome, will it be available for linux?

This is so good! Looking forward to the Kickstarter!

Very good, unfortunately I got stuck behind the chest near the  hole with heaven sign. I opened the chest while I was between the wall and the chest, then I was unable to move.

Sorry about that, but thanks for letting me know. I'll make a fix soon.

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